9 Best web Hosting For Small Business/ Smarter Hosting

If you are looking forward to buy an online web hosting within a low price range that also offers a lot of apps than you are looking on  a complete guide.

In this review you will have a bird eye view of almost all the popular online web hosting sites with it will help you:

  1. Choose a proper online webhosting site
  2. Price and packages
  3. Help you to save money with (65% to 90% discount offers)
  4. Comparisons of different webhosting sites

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What are the best web hosting sites?

Here is a list of some of the best web hosting sites that you need to know.

1. Bluehost

Bluehost is everything that your website needs. It is one of the Best web Hosting service covering more than 2 million Websites all over the world with a very less price $2.95 per month.

It is strongly recommended as it is a 24 hours customer support. Furthermore, it has a single click WordPress install along with FTP. It is very cheap as compared to the other such hosting sites as it offers a 30 days money-back guarantee offer.

It means everyone can try it for a month and if he/she is not convinced then the money is again in your pocket. Blue Host was launched in 1996 and now it has over 700 employs working for their clients.

The main feature is the site speed as it is very secure with the Content Delivery network (CDN) as it hinder fake trafficking and DDoS attacks. In addition to this it increases the site speed by fetching the data on the basis of user’s location. It is also strongly recommended by WordPress.Org.

Steps to get access to Bluehost:

  1. Visit Bluehost and see Get Started.
  2. Select the plan that suits you ($2.95/month).
  3. Select the name or make a new one.
  4. Fill the information form i.e. Plan & Billing info.
  5. Uncheck the adds-on
  6. Submit it and way to go!

The new users mostly go with the basic plan 2.95/month for a try and it is 63% off from the regular price. Try Bluehost it will be an easy and exciting experience.

How to Save the Most:

  • Plan: Basic Plan at $2.95/month
  • Term: 36 months
  • Total cost at checkout: $106.20
  • Savings: $359.64

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2. HostGator.

Best budget Web Hosting Service @ ($2.75/month).


It is the next in line and it also worth trying due to its minimum rates i.e. ($2.75/month). It is very important to know that both Bluehost and HostGator are owned by the Endurance International (EIG).

As both of them similar features it is a difficult situation for the customers to select one. So for the customer satisfaction here is a list of popular online web hosting sites along with their packages.

Hostgator Shared Hosting Plans

It is compared to GoDaddy and Squarespace, both hit a 99.98% uptime which is not best but it is very fast as compared to other such sites.

HostGator provides 24 hours customer support through different platforms like chat, e-mail and even calls when required. These features place it at a better position and give customer proper reasons to select it.

There are various offers starting with Hatchling, Baby and Business. Moreover, they also provide dedicated IP address and SEO tools to help growing you online. Plus they offer a 45 day money back guarantee which is 15 more days as compared to BlueHost.

Steps to get access to HostGator:

  1. Visit HostGator.com and see Get Started.
  2. Select/ add the domain
  3. Select the Billing cycle ($2.75/month).
  4. Fill the information form i.e. Billing info.
  5. Click checkout and sky is the limit!

How to save the most:

  • Plan: Hatchling at $2.75/month
  • Term: 36 months
  • Total cost at checkout: $100.08
  • Savings: $150.12

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3. HostPapa

Best, Reliable Web Hosting for Small Business ($3.95/month)

It is also a unique and significant online web Hosting site that provides its services in a better manner. It is available at the price of (3.95/month). They also offer a 74% discount now to the new users.

Along with web hosting they also provide domain registration, more than 400 business apps. furthermore, they also offer a drag-and-drop website builder/wordPress installation. It is actually the variety of services that attracts the customers towards itself.

Hostpapa plans ranges from a value of $3.95 – $12.95 per month but the basic plan is recommended for the new user and that is ideal for a small business.

How to Save the Most:

  • Plan: Business at $3.95/month
  • Term: 36 months
  • Total cost at checkout: $99.00
  • Savings: $150.12
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4. DreamHost

Fast, Secure & always up Web Hosting with a price of ($1.99/month).

Dreamhost is great for WordPress hosting and its specialty is that all the websites linked to DreamHost contain pre-installed WordPress firewalls with a free SSL certificate for additional security.

It has a starting price of ($1.99/month) with 100% money back guarantee for a period of 97 days which is quite phenomenal

Furthermore, they have isolated servers that improve speed with an increase in traffic, in addition to that they also have multiple catching layers and auto scaled memory. And these servers are amazingly quick with respond to web requests.

Steps to get access to DreamHost:

  1. Visit Dreamhost.com .
  2. Sign up
  3. Select/ add the domain info
  4. Deselect  the Billing the Dreamsheild Protection
  5. Ready to go!

How to Save the Most:

  • Plan: Shared Starter at $1.99/month
  • Term: 36 months
  • Total cost at checkout:$71.64
  • Savings: $99.91
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5. Hostinger.

Fast and affordable web hosting with free Domain for a price of  ($2.99/month).

Hostinger is quite affordable online web hosting site as it offers its services at very reasonable price of $2.99/month.

The most amazing thing about price is that it is a discount rate of the original rates. Plus, you can subscribe for four year plan at a price of only $47.52. It helps you to learn the codes with FTP, PHP, MySQL and cPanel.

It is strongly recommended for the beginners. If you are a beginners and looking for a very cheap price webhosting site then it is made for you. It is very easy to approach as it provides a single click installation, as a beginner it makes things a lot easier and simpler for you. They also provides thousands of website building templates.

Steps to get access to Hostinger:

  1. Visit Hostinger.com.
  2.  Choose hosting plan ($2.99/month)
  3. Enter your E-mail
  4. Create password
  5. Choose WordPress/ build your site
  6. Edit & Publish your site. Bingo!

How to Save the Most:

  • Plan: Single Shared Hosting at $2.99/month
  • Term: 48 months
  • Total cost at checkout: $143.52
  • Savings: $432
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6. Interserver

Get the Fastest and Affordable Web Hosting with a 65% Discount i.e.($2.50/month)

Interserver is a website with an uptime of 100% and they have datacenter run by specialist staff under strict surveillance and security like all other web hosting sites. It stood consistent in most of speed tests and it is considered among the fastest online web hosting sites.

It was started in 1999 and it also provides a 24/7 services. In addition to that it also provides shared hosting, cloud hosting and have quick and dedicated servers that are able to perform at in outstanding manner and produce a high speed. Its servers are located at Secaucus and LA.  

Talking about its cost it offers a 65% 0ff on its basic price which is $2.50/month with a 30 days money back guarantee. It further provides free website migration, global content coaching, 450+ apps and many more.

Steps to get access to Interserver:

  1. Visit Interserver.net.
  2.  Choose Webhosting plan
  3. Click Standard Webhosting plan
  4. Buy now ($0.99/month)
  5. Register your domain/Click Continue
  6. Enter your E-mail /Create password
  7. Check Agree/ Create &Continue

How to save the most:

  • Plan: Web hosting plan at $2.50/month
  • Term: 36 months
  • Total cost at checkout: $71.64
  • Savings: $95
Get the Best Deal @ Interserver


7. Ipage

Fits for all Hosting needs and it is Best for Local Businesses with a cheap price of ($1.99/month)

Ipage is also another outstanding online web hosting site that provides a proper platform where you can grow your business quickly and easily. Because it offers a lot of tools to build your website within your range.

Talking about range it exactly means $1.99/month which is quite affordable and it is a 70% Discount.

If you are very much concerned about online transactions then it is your thing as it provides a free online store with PayPal integration and you will be given multiple options for shopping cart software too.

How to save the most:

  • Plan: Web hosting plan at $1.99/month
  • Term: 36 months
  • Total cost at checkout: $71.64
  • Savings: $216
Get the Best Deal @ Ipage


8. GreenGeeks.

Fast, Affordable and Green Web Hosting ($2.95/month)

GreenGeeks is also affordable with a price of $2.95/month. It is excellent with load times as it has 99.95% featured load time under 500ms.

Its data centers are located in U.S, Canada and Netherlands. It is environmental friendly. They used three times more amount of energy from a renewable source i.e. wind energy.

While you select to work on this network you will also help in the conservation of natural resources. They are partners of U.S Environment Protection Agency (EPA)

They also provide unlimited file storage, where you can store your data safely. In addition to that they have account isolation setup along with dedicated computer resources.

Furthermore they have secure vFS that makes your accounts safe to from any malicious exercise. They have a slightly higher renewal fee which is $9.95 per year. You can save 70% off with their promo code 10 YEARS GREEN, you will have  to pay only $116.15 at checkout.

How to Save the Most:

  • Plan: EcoSite Lite at $2.95/month
  • Term: 36 months
  • Total cost at checkout: $106.2
  • Savings: $225.85
Get the Best Deal @ GreenGeeks


9. Namecheap

Many Hosting Options and Easy WP for  $3.88/month.

Namecheap is among the most popular online web hosting sites. It offers its services at a starting price of $3.88/month, $1.88/month, and $1.58/month when paid monthly, annually, and for two years, respectively. It has over 10 million domains working now. It is very versatile in domain registration. It has a lot of categories in hosting as shared, seller, dedicated, VPS and finally WordPress at a very cheap rate.

It offers different packages starting from $1.58/month which is stellar, $2.68 for stellar plus and $4.80 for stellar Business. It also allows you to select datacenter locations i.e. U.S, UK., EU.

Steps to get access to Namecheap:

  1. Visit Namecheap.com
  2.  Choose plan Get started
  3. Fill domain name
  4. Find a domain name
  5.  Click Connect to hosting
  6. Select Billing cycle/add to cart
  7.  Select Apply promo code
  8.  Click Confirm.

How to save the most:

  • Plan: Web hosting plan at $3.88/month
  • Term: 36 months
  • Total cost at checkout: $139.68
  • Savings: $12.36
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Introduction to Web hosting

In case you are a beginner you need to know a little about online web hosting services. Web hosting is just getting an online platform for your day to day business. It is an emerging field where you can start and grow your online business on a rather greater speed. Web hosting is a website that provides you space for your data storage. After developing your website by coding, adding images etc. You will need a website hosting site to store your data.

Most popular web hosting services are:

Benefits of Web hosting

Web hosting could be a benefit that allows organizations and people to post an online site or web page onto the Web. A web have, or web facilitating benefit supplier, may be a trade that gives the innovations and administrations required for the site or webpage to be seen within the Web.

Websites are facilitated, or put away, on uncommon computers called servers. When Web clients need to see your site, all they have to be do is sort your site address or space into their browser. Their computer will at that point interface to your server and your webpages will be conveyed to them through the browser.

  • Cost Effective
  • In-House dedicated serve not required
  • No website crashes anymore!
  • Way easier to monitor your site.
  • Limited resources are required
  • 100s of free ad-on

Free online web Hosting

Free web hosting is possible on sites like Zepmeta. These sites provides a limited space for free just like demo versions of soft wares.

  • It will improve the performance of your site
  • Your business will flourish in no time
  • 24/7 technical support
  • Better Domain names
  • No security Risks
  • Reliable and provide Uptime

Cheap Web Hosting

Some sites provide you the services through put the year for a very low price. You can save your data to an online server but first you have to purchase a domain. If you are looking for Cheap hosting it has lots of benefits allows you to build your experience without spending much as you can buy Hostinger which is speedy and affordable web hosting with free Domain for a price of ($2.99/month).

Later it comes with a yearly subscription also if you want to continue you can keep using it for even years.

Web Hosting with monthly Plans

There are different online web hosting sites and their price differs according to the services that they provide and no of apps etc.

Comparison of the cheapest web hosting platforms:

      Host    Starting Price (per month)       Bandwidth

  • Bluehost          $2.95   unmetered
  • A2 Hosting     $1.99   unmetered
  • SiteGround     $4.99   10,000 visits monthly
  • HostGator       $2.75   unmetered

Yearly web Hosting

Shared hosting (the cheapest kind) costs $2.49 – $15/month, and dedicated hosting (the foremost costly kind) costs $80 – $730/month. But there are a parcel of choices in between. There are a few distinctive sorts of hosting to select from, and numerous distinctive factors at play. Bluehost  and Hostgator is the appropriate to choose for the yearly subscription.

Here is the plan of Bluehost

  • Plan: Basic Plan at $2.95/month
  • Term: 36 months
  • Total cost at checkout: $106.2
  • Savings: $217.44

Worth trying Bluehost!

Web Hosting for small business

It does not matter what sort of job you have, if you are interested in online webhosting and looking to create a dream website, then you are in a right place at a right time. A number of online web hosting sites that you should see now. It should range from $0.99 to $2.95/month.

Web hosting happens when the files that make up website are transferred from a neighborhood computer on to a web server. The server\’s assets, (Ram, hard drive space, and transfer speed) are apportioned to the websites utilizing it. The division of server assets changes depending on the sort of facilitating arrange chosen.

  • For small business they provide:
  • Customization
  • E-mail
  • Domain
  • More SEO opportunities
  • Data recovery system

How can I start web hosting ASAP?

While creating website it is very significant, what sort of web hosting services do you subscribe? It is the need of the moment and everyone who want to grow quickly is using webhosting for their bright future as it is an easy to use and easy to approach platform. You should prefer the sites with more speed, 450 + apps, 1000s of Online free website making templates, multiple server locations and in some cases environmental friendly as GreenGeeks.

Just make sure what sort of features do you require for your business and which location is suitable for you. There are no of online web hosting sites that offers you their services on a single click just have a look on the features and rates then you can decide by yourself. Monthly subscription plan is recommended to the beginners.


What is a domain?

A domain name is like an address of your company. Thin you have a business office at a site definitely you will have a physical address similarly a domain is a virtual online address to your website i.e.

Website:  www.gethst.com

What areg types of webhosting?

There are different types of web hosting like:

1. Shared Hosting:

Shared facilitating is the foremost common sort of web facilitating and is reasonable for most online trade proprietors. With shared facilitating, a few clients share capacity space on one effective server. It depends on the factors like

Low price: Bluehost is among the best , Easy to use

2. Committed Hosting

Rather than sharing space, you get a server all to yourself on the off chance that you select a committed facilitating bundle. Points of interest to devoted facilitating incorporate:

Customization: Hostinger provides you 1000s of website building templates resources control.

3. VPS Hosting:

Virtual Private Server (VPS) facilitating incorporates all the highlights of a committed server, but at the cost point of a shared server. Here are a few of the beat reasons VPS facilitating may be incredible fit for:

Functions: Interserver is very versatile in domain registration. It has a lot of categories in hosting as shared, seller, dedicated, VPS and finally wordPress at a very cheap rate.

  • One mouse click features
  • Site navigation

4. Cloud Hosting:

Cloud facilitating is frequently considered the foremost solid of all of the administrations. Instead of depending on disk space of a single server, it pulls its control from a few assets, making beyond any doubt you never have any downtime. Other benefits include:

Flexibility : Interserver is the online website hosting service that offers you cloud hosting.

Unmetered bandwidth: HostGator  $2.75   unmetered

Final Thoughts

Along with the other benefits, your site will be improved a lot in every manner. You will be able to learn much more about online web Hosting services while visiting this site. Hopefully, your visit to the current site will be very productive as you will have an overview of every type of web hosting service on the internet right now. We wish you very best for your future plans and further you can see FAQs for more details. Moreover, you are more than welcome to contact us for further inquiries.



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