Mobile applications have become an integral part of business marketing in recent years, and the gaming sector is also growing with some serious graphics and specs. According to a 2020 study, most users spend at least 35% more time on mobile devices. Thus, hinting at the need for the development of mobile-friendly websites and applications. There are approximately 3 million or so apps on google play, with many more almost ready to get uploaded.

But the question is how to upload them on a server and ensure they are working exactly the way you planned and designed?

Whenever you plan on developing an android app, the most important step is to add a backend to your app. A backend is a server and is an essential part of an app. It takes care of data storage, backup, security, and business logic, handles, saves, stores, and sorts all the data the user or consumer doesn’t see, very much like the human subconscious mind. You have three options for managing your app backend-

  1.  For the easiest part, you can use an ‘MBaas hosting’ (mobile backend as a service). The provider manages the hosting for this one.
  2. You can try programming your backend using already available tools and templates provided by some cloud computing services. The service provider takes care of your hosting needs.
  3. The back-breaking option is to code your backend from nothing to everything and then look for a decent provider to host your app. It’s a very nerdy and time-consuming process.

The best option you can opt for is MBaas services. It is relatively new but highly reliable.

After choosing MBaas as an option, your next step is to choose from the best MBaas services.

The elite services will set the seal on the following features:

  •  Secure framework and storage.
  •  Resolute data storage.
  • Reliable customer support
  • API’s
  • User organization and management and attesting.
  • Notifications
  • Gps and location accuracy.

And to name a few more.

Now, let us talk about some of the most renowned and authentic MBaas service options,

  • Google firebase: It is one of the finest platforms for android app hosting. It offers two plans, one spark, and the other blaze. It has a lot of features, and the prices are also very genuine.
  • Kinvey: It is best for enterprises and businesses, and the pricing starts from $2500 per year. They provide a very vast variety of services.
  • Apple cloud kit: It is best for iOS apps. It is also one of the best platforms to make simple apps.
  • AWS Amplify: Faster, easier static web hosting is their plan. It is suited to develop both native and hybrid apps, and its key features like push notifications or authentication or management are so easy to implement.
  • Back4App: It is also user-friendly, low code, and develops modern apps.
  • Kumulos: The app engagement is made super simplified and easy.
  • SashiDo: built on Parse open code, it has great customer care support.

A few others can be, Backendless, Azure mobile apps, Digital ocean, Heroku, and Linode

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