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Bluehost hosting is one of the 20 largest web hosting services owned by an international endurance group. Bluehost services offer hosting solutions such as WordPress hosting, VPS hosting, shared hosting, and WooCommerce too, and are very much famous among the users and clients.

Free domain

Free domain is a website address that is claimed for ownership without paying anything. Most impactful domains are paid but sometimes you can find suitable ones for free. Getting a free domain can reduce the overall website expense. Whenever a hosting service offers the clients its services, the domain name is referred to the client. A domain name is the website address and is regarded as the first and foremost impression in promoting the online brand. Moreover, it allows Google and other search engines to surface and look at the services offered by the web hosting.

Connecting the free domain with Bluehost

✓ Whenever a site is created, web hosting services offer the domain name and address for the smooth flow of the site, which is changeable. It means that You can change the domain name set up initially afterward according to the need.

✓ During the publication of the site, the domain name is assigned by following certain steps:

✓ First of all, access to the Bluehost builder editor is necessary for publishing. Then, once you are ready for publishing, click the Publish button on the top right corner of the screen.

✓ Afterward, further processing is seen, and a progress window will pop up in front of you on the screen. For example, on the website, the URL set up temporarily while publishing will be shown to you on the screen after publishing.

✓ This URL remains as it is until or unless the client does not assign the specific domain name.

✓ Click the choose domain button on the screen to set a domain to your site.

A unique and engaging domain name is necessary for the smooth flow of the site. If a domain name is not fascinating, then there are chances that you will not attract the website traffic, which is the basic requirement for a new site resulting in poor engagement on the site.

The already available domain names and addresses are also shown to ease the client or user in the drop-down option from the Choose Domain button. Users can select the domain name from these available options, too, if there is a problem determining the specific domain name.

Last but not least, click the Connect this domain button, and the site is ready to publish again with its new domain name and address.

Domain name and address is the main part of the site, and it entirely depends on how much users will engage on the published site. Some people prefer to create the domain name by their first name, while some prefer to name it as their business title.

Before publishing a site, it is recommended that you always select the last name and then post your site with that domain name because it might show any fluctuations in the engagement of the website traffic on-site if the domains are not connected properly or are changed frequently.

It is also recommended to select an appropriate domain name that matches your business or the needs of your site. For example, it is not right that if your site is publishing blogs regarding health and nutrition and the domain name tells the website traffic, it is a makeup site. This thing will lower the traffic rate.

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