The security of a website is highly important for every internet user. While running a website over the web, a user should be concerned regarding the trust towards the website by providing a secure connection and protecting their data, which intends towards procuring an SSL certificate. The SSL certificate means Secure Sockets Layer. Therefore, with the correct type of SSL certificate, the website visitors are informed that the site is secure. Apart from Secure Socket Layer, Transport Layer Security is enabled for web server authentication and content confidentiality. Besides SSL, the other important certificates required by a website are Server certificate, root certificate, personal certificate, content signing certificate, and Software publisher certificate.

The server certificate helps identify a server and includes the digitally signed version of the server’s public key. However, the root certificate helps in the identification of a certificate authority as an issuer of certificates. Whereas the personal certificate helps identify a person and includes a digitally signed version of the name, organization, and public key of a person. The content signing certificate owner identifies the content, and it includes a digitally signed version of the name of the owner, organization, and the content’s public key. Finally, a software developer is identified by the Software publisher certificate. It includes a digitally signed version of the name of the developer, organization, and public key that remains within the code.

Above all these mentioned certificates, the three main types of certificates abundantly required by a website are organization validated certificate, domain validated, and extended validation. The SSL certificate is required for the website to keep the user data secure, verify the website’s ownership, and prevent attackers from creating a fake version of the website and conveying trust to the users. However, the certificates awarded to the websites usually serve two primary and basic functions. First, the website’s certificate binds a key pair to the server and authenticates that server’s identity.

Despite all other certificates used by a website, the SSL certificate is the most important one and is mostly used. This is because you need to know that you can secure your site’s data or legal content by acquiring an SSL certificate for your site, and an attacker cannot unethically use it. Thus, the SSL certificate helps keep the online interactions private and even assures the users that the website is authentic and safe for sharing private and fiscal information. Therefore, the certifications on the website are extremely important for the proper authentication and functioning of the website. These certificates are obtained from a Certificate Authority (CA) that issues millions of certificates every year. Once the certificate is obtained, then on your web host or your server, you need to configure the certificate if you host the website. While acquiring the certificate, each level of validation takes a different time length for its completion.

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