Paid hosting service is a website hosting plan that includes various features such as SEO features, e-commerce tools, backup techniques, Analytics related to websites, and upgrades related to security.

Gone are the days when purchasing a paid hosting service plan; the emphasis was put only on disk storage and bandwidth. Now, all these features are given importance along with the storage too.

Storage in web hosting

Storage is also known as disk space in terms of web hosting, is the amount of space that is available on a server on which content of the website, including the images, texts, codes, databases, and documents, etc. can be stored according to the space available which is mostly in megabytes and some cases, it is in gigabytes.

On the free version, the disk space available is usually fixed, and it becomes difficult for the server hosting to hold such a large amount of data in it. A big boost to online success depends on the disk space having a fast and secured feature in which the logo, blog posts, and images can be managed easily.

But in paid versions, it is assumed that the hosting server will be provided with unlimited disk space. Thus, the files having all the website information through which any website operates can be stored and managed easily, such as CSS, PHP, or javascript files.

If we compare it with an example, the wardrobe has a limited space where the maximum number of attires can be placed. The cabinet is used effectively and can hold up to different sorts of attires, but if not used efficiently, then a larger wardrobe might seem smaller in space. The same is the case with the storage disk of the servers.

It depends on the hosting customers on how to regulate and consume their spaces for storage options. As long as the disk space will be used reasonably, it can hold many files and data. Still, if it is used irresponsibly and notices more storage space, then definitely the upgradation from the free plan will be asked in which unlimited storage space and bandwidth is provided.

Some of the platforms offering the best storage disks are as below:

Bluehost is the cheapest in host service and offers up to 50 GB unlimited disk space with one free domain for a year. Hostinger offers a one-year free domain with 10 GB-30 SSD disk space along with the 30 days money-back guarantee on the upgradation package.

On the other hand, Hostgator provides the best features as it offers unlimited disk space with a free domain for a year as well as having 45 days money-back guarantee and money starting from 2.64$ allowing the user to use these services in a minimum budget with the best features. Similarly, iPage also offers unlimited disk space with a 30 days money-back guarantee in just 1.99$ upgrade plan with a free domain for a year, offering a great list of extras providing the best web hosting.

These were some of the best web hosting servers offering fantastic disk spaces on a minimum budget, but still, it is mostly seen that the lesser space is used compared to the amount being paid. To avoid the extra loss of money, it is advisable to keep an eye on the uploading content. Videos consume a lot of space, so much content can be saved on youtube to save the space on the server.

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