Thirsty Affiliates Review 2023

The most advanced Affiliate link management plugin for serious affiliates and smart bloggers!

What are thirsty Affiliates?

Thirsty Affiliates is a leading Word Press affiliate link organization plugin. It is more additional than impartial a track of the crusher affiliate link cloaker, it’s an instrument intended for bloggers to create cash.

Well-thought-out one of the topmost affiliate link manager plugins for Word Press, Thirsty Affiliates is generally suggested by bloggers and marketers. How we select products to sponsor and what implements we use for affiliate links? The top-secret to our affiliate marketing scheme is in fact very modest and straight forward. The implement we use to bring about affiliate associations on our website is Thirsty Affiliates.

When you have the Thirsty Affiliates plugin with the pro-add-on, managing your affiliate links turn into very stress-free. Laterally with making your link fresh and user-friendly, it will offer you a number of benefits such as making your post SEO friendly. Examination devices like Google will not ever like a post with a number of affiliate links committed to it. So, cloaking the links is a necessity already you click on the put out button.

That’s why so numerous blog proprietors are via Thirsty Affiliates to achieve their affiliate links.

Why We Use Thirsty Affiliates?

Thirsty Affiliates is a Word Press affiliate link organization plugin. It permits website holders to improve, accomplish, and straightforwardly supplement affiliate links addicted to their post and pages.

When we leading ongoing through affiliate link, the main difficult for us were that those affiliate links were extended and problematic to summon up. It was challenging for us to go back to the product website and duplicate the affiliate link each time we stated the products in our posts. One trickier was totaling no follow feature to affiliate links. There were too various products that we suggested more over and over again than others, and we desired there was an informal way to translate keywords into links while silent possession the links to a least level.

Thirsty Affiliates resolved all these problems for us. We use the elementary plugin with all the best add-ons. This bounces us all the features that we want and then some additional. At this point is a tilt of things that we love approximately Thirsty Affiliates.

Specific of the features value underlining other than cloaking the links are:

In this Thirsty Affiliate Review, we will attempt to aspect at all the highest features and selections existing by this amazing plugin.

  • Automatic Keyword Linking:

This is a feature that will support you to raise your income by count keywords with affiliate links. It can be very cooperative to enhance links to the keywords in your old posts.

thirsty affiliate

  • Easily Insert Links:

Straight however you can reduce affiliate links, but with ThirstyAffiliates you don’t even want to summon up those shortened URLs. Just click on the Add Affiliate Link button and pursuit for the product or the link and insert it in your post.


  • Easier Link Management:

ThirstyAffiliates customs the built-in WordPress skills like convention post types and classifications for the links you add. This brands the user line participate right into your WordPress. Adding a link into ThirstyAffiliates is very much like adding a post or a page.

By the integral WordPress structures, ThirstyAffiliates also style it conceivable for you to importation or pass on your links along with your other WordPress data. We use ThirstyAffiliates with all its best Add-ons. Which lets us to see Stats, incorporate Google Analytics click tracking, Auto linker, etc.?

  • Geo location Link Redirects:

 This is one more very beneficial article. If you are monetizing your site through affiliate programs like Amazon, this plugin bounces you the selection to send workers based on geo location.

  • Amazon API Importing:

Once more this feature is successful to be very cooperative for the Amazon affiliates. You can speedily search creation affiliate links and ingress them using the Amazon API.

  • Link Health Checker:

When you have a number of affiliate sheets on your site with hundreds of affiliate links, it becomes very dissimilar to save a path of each link. There could be illustrations when a invention is moved to another location or it is not prevailing at all. This Link Health Checker option will give you the report about the 404 error and broken links.

Review of Thirsty Affiliates:

Thirsty Affiliates plugin review, one of the extremely suggested plugins for the affiliate sites as it bids you a 360-degree shield for your affiliate site.

If you are an affiliate marketer and observing for the top clarification or tool to well accomplish your business? Well then, the Thirsty Affiliate could be the answer



How to Add Affiliate Links Automatically in Word Press:

Affiliate marketing, deprived of a doubt, shows an operative process to make possible inert money with low, if not to say absent risk. You can wholesale abundant products at a time wanting having to concern about manufacturing, list, and shipping organization.

It’s mutual to custom communal platforms to familiarize and assessment products. You can just generate a post and place the affiliate link there.

Motionless, numerous affiliate marketers choose to announce third-party products through their Word Press sites. Not merely can they upsurge sales there but also offer applicable content and dimensions expert in the long run.

But do you distinguish how to add affiliate links to Word Press appropriately? In our item today, we’ll part with you a step-by-step leader to help you sell products by affiliate links effortlessly.

What Is an Affiliate Link?

An affiliate link is an exclusive URL linking to alternative website managed via an exact affiliate marketer to vend products. This link might comprise the affiliate’s ID or username. You’ll obtain this URL when signing up for an affiliate program.

When consumers connect on your affiliate link, they’ll be promoted to the advertiser’s website. All their movements such as clicks and sales will be noted in your own affiliate program. If a click clues to a sale, you’ll obtain commissions.

How to Add Affiliate Links to WordPress?

Beforehand preliminary inserting affiliate links in your WordPress, you must to select consistent affiliate programs to link. It should fit your position, have a good commission rate, and supplementary highly, offer a high-quality product. Think through products that you’ve strained earlier or are using presently.

Check out these 5 tips for picking the top affiliate programs here.

You can by hand attach an affiliate link to your WordPress content. It’s accurately the similar as how you put other links to a page or post. Still, we commend using a plugin like ThirstyAffiliates to enhance succeed your links.

How to Custom ThirstyAffiliates to Supplement Affiliate Links:

The succeeding director demonstrations you how to add affiliate link to WordPress with Thirsty Affiliates. You should first install the plugin, set up your links, and then comprise these links in the at ease.

Step 1: Install ThirstyAffiliates Plugin:

Log into your WordPress management control panel. In the Plugins segment, click Add New.

thirsty affiliate

Now category the plugin’s name in the keyword box, then install and stimulate ThirstyAffiliates viewing up in the plugin list by clicking on ‘Install Now’ and ‘Activate’ buttons.

thirsty affiliate

Upon activation, the plugin directly complements a new Affiliate Links segment to your WordPress management list of options. Tick Settings below it to set up your links.

Step 2: Set up ThirstyAffiliates Plugin:

The Overall location page is prepared for you. Head to the Link Appearance tab to modification your link prefix as well as select the send type. The utmost mutual prefix words are ‘go,’ ‘orientation,’ ‘link,’ ‘review,’ or suggests.’

thirsty affiliate

We commend using no-follow for these links and setting them to expose in a fresh window. The no-follow links stop examination engines from indexing them. The new window choice, on the other hand, helps save visitors staying on your site.

thirsty affiliate

Step 3: Create Affiliate Links:

Clicking on New Affiliate Link underneath the ThirstyAffiliates segment assists you to add a new link. You want to go in:

  1. The link title is at the topmost of the page.
  2. The endpoint URL is your product links, for example, Amazon product links.
  3. Protect your link and ended.

Step 4: Insert Affiliate Contacts in WordPress Posts and Sheet of paper:

Open the Pages/Posts sector in your WordPress control panel. You can any edit a current post or add a new one.

Afterward underlining the text you need to add a hyperlink into, click on the ‘More rich text controls’ icon.

The next phase is to first-rate the Affiliate Link option on the dropdown list of options. Then, type the heading of your affiliate link. The plugin will mechanically match the heading with your applicable affiliate links and exhibition them for you to pick from.

Choice your link and success Apply.

The technique overhead works on the Gutenberg managing editor. In case you’re using the Definitive one, track the order under.

  1. Focus the manuscript you plan to insert the link into
  2. Hit the ‘Add Affiliate Link’ button on the page toolbar
  3. Enter your link

That’s it!

Entirely your affiliate links are accomplished in one place, under the Affiliate Links unit. Since your links are supplementary as a practice post type, it’s likely for you to make new links, oversee, or delete your links with simplicity.

Is ThirstyAffiliate is free?

The Thirstyaffiliate plugin is free & you tin can download this one from the WordPress plugin repo here.

This Affiliate, link administration plugin, comes extremely prepared with features to growth your affiliate sales.

Laterally with that, there are several advanced structures that are also accessible, which I have declared lower.  In this post, I’m studying this plugin & will also share some of the accessible valued add-ons.

Affiliate Link Settings:

On the settings sheet, you have the decision to set up the affiliate links as per your liking. You have a numeral of choices that you can fine-tune on this page.

Drive to ThirstyAffiliates settings >> link appearance 

Since here you can handpick the link premix and generate your own redirection URLs. You have a numeral of options to select from, let’s choice mentions and continue.

Top quality the redirection type, 301 redirections is nominated for the enduring redirection. So, you can select 301 and proceed.

Go to Affiliate links> settings & start positioning the plugin. You can duplicate the settings as exposed in underneath copy:

thirsty affiliate


Arranged to Supplement Affiliate Links to WordPress?

Affiliate marketing on WordPress carries you numerous aids. You can make passive income and also improvement your standing.

We’ve exposed you how to add affiliate links to WordPress appropriately with the help of ThirstyAffiliate. This general plugin supports you to make and achieve your links as well as adding them to your content naturally.

Is there any stage overhead that complicates you? Fall a line in a comment to stake with us.

thirsty affiliate

Is there any stage overhead that complicates you? Fall a line in a comment to stake with us.




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